Signature Style

A person of distinction has a certain ”look” and style.

A style that is AUTHENTIC.

A style that is their own.

A style that flows and is congruent.

It is the person that gets noticed. Not because they are flashy, or because they are trying. They know how to look good….in their unique way.

A Signature Style™ is crafted. It starts with assessing ones style personality, then add in some color, followed by a dose of design for ones shape and voila´, you have a look all your own!

For the women reading this:  To get a snapshot of your style personality, with tips on how to maximize it, take a Complimentary Assessment to discover yours NOW.

What is your Style Personality?

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For the Men:

OK, it may seem silly or crazy, but take the quiz for women, choosing the answers that most closely represent your taste. Once you complete it, e-mail the resulting style for the “Style Personality for Men” summary. Sorry, but there are no make-up tips in the men’s version! ;-)

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