A Knight, Astronauts, Millionaires and a Game

11 Keys to Connecting With Anyone, Anywhere!

Let’s face it; in our society, we are enamored with the wealthy. From “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, to “The Housewives of Beverly Hills”, or “Meet the Kardasians”, people secretly wonder what it would be like to rich, and even fantasize about meeting a wealthy person. Maybe they think it will rub off on them! Or maybe they hope they could learn some “secret” from them so they could get rich too.


The reality is that many people have a mindset that meeting, much less spending time with, millionaires and billionaires would be improbable, if not impossible. That they would ever get the chance to hang out with a multi-billionaire, one of the richest people on planet earth, a visionary business magnate like Sir Richard Branson, might be inconceivable. They wonder if they would even know what to say. Many people might not even imagine they could ever be in the same room with someone like Sir Richard, or even just get to see him close up, in person, or could imagine just getting a picture with him. But to spend a day with him, having him as a participant in a small group of people at a private event, well that could be mind-blowing!


Well, it DID happen to me! In my mind, it was probable and possible. In fact, I had pictured in my head long before it had occurred. It was a remarkable moment in my life. It was a day I will NEVER forget, and a day that had a tremendous IMPACT on my business.

How I Spent a Day with Sir Richard Branson and You Could Too!

Lest you think I just got lucky, or it happened by chance, I want you to know that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, I am about to tell you EXACTLY what led up to that day. The following 11 steps could help you meet someone just like Sir Richard Branson, or whoever you want! If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Let me show you how………….


1.     Get out and meet people! This is Number One for a reason! Network, get involved in organizations, volunteer – just get out of the house or office. Go to places where you can meet high-caliber and like-minded people. I attend many business events –networking, seminars, workshops, conferences, luncheons, mixers. I get out and meet people. While the internet is a great invention, and things like Facebook allow us to connect and stay connected to many people, there’s nothing quite like eyeball to eyeball, face to face. Getting out and meeting people allows others to really connect with you, and you with them. And you never know who will connect you to someone who could change your business, or even your life. It’s that “six degrees of separation” thing. One person you meet can change everything! It did for me! (See #11) 

2.     Get Noticed! (Without trying). Learn to “Own The Room”. This is an inner and outer game. Don’t feel like you “Own The Room” now? Then invest in yourself immediately – to improve, grow, stretch yourself. Having a magnetic presence draws others to you rather than you running around trying to meet people. How you look and carry yourself is a key to that.

3.     Get Connected! Don’t just run around meeting people – connect with them. Be INTERESTED, not interesting. As the saying goes, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” There are many ways to connect with people very quickly. A genuine compliment is always a great start. Or find something in common to connect quickly. It’s easier than you think. People want to be acknowledged and heard. It’s a basic human need. Mary Kay Ash was a master at this. She built a direct sales cosmetic empire and became very wealthy because she knew this important factor.

4.     Build relationships. Relationships are built over time. They take nurturing. They are two-way – give and take. (More on that later.) Connections are valuable, but relationships are priceless. Relationships come from investing in others. Otherwise, all you have are acquaintances. I cannot stress enough the value of this! It is because of a relationship developed with someone I met at a business conference that I got to spend time with Richard Branson (and many other people over time) and get to have him play my IMPACT game! Invest in relationships.

5.     Be of service. Be willing to give without EXPECTATIONS. Find ways to support, encourage or assist others. The good old Golden Rule works here. Start each day with an attitude of “How may I serve?”

6.     Be willing to receive – accept support, praise and help. No one ever makes it 100% on their own. No one. This is a really hard one for many people. Many can give, give, give, but won’t allow themselves to receive. There has to be a Yin to a Yang; a giver and a receiver. If there aren’t receivers, then there can’t be givers. It’s good to do both. Otherwise, you’re a doormat. Nothing but bugs flourish under doormats. Success certainly doesn’t.

7.     Believe in yourself and what you do. If you don’t, NO ONE else will! They can’t. Even if others believe in you, if you don’t, then that belief bounces off of you and can’t help you. If you don’t believe in what you do, then quit doing it! Success and congruence beliefs can’t share the same space. Your doubt will repel true success. When you believe, you can have a compelling message – for yourself and others. That belief causes others to want to support you. I know firsthand!

8.     Have advocates – raving fans, a “tribe.” Most people genuinely love to help others. Raving fans will promote you, sell you, edify you, support you, help you, encourage you and cheer for you. Refer back to #7.

9.     Develop a “How can I?” attitude. Most people think “I can’t”. Do whatever it takes! It’s all about perspective. Don’t ever “settle”! Don’t quit! Never give up! Many times an opportunity opens up at the last-minute – short notice. You could think, “I need more time”, “I can’t get ready”, “I’m not prepared”, “it costs too much to do it”, whatever. Or you can just say “YES” and work out the details next. It’s the old adage “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

10.     Be patient. When seeds are planted, they must be tended to, fertilized and watered. They do not sprout overnight. Bamboo grows underground for FOUR years before the first little bud sprouts above ground! But for four years, bamboo grows very strong roots, its foundation, making it very strong and unbreakable against even the strongest winds. Relationships take time to cultivate as well. Just don’t be a doormat! (See #6)

11.     Be ready. Focus on excellence rather than perfection. Ready is as much a state of mind as it is preparation. A big shift in my business occurred when I was given a last minute opportunity to speak at a large event that I was attending out of town. A speaker got sick and I was offered the opening. I thought: “how can I make this happen?” Luckily I always pack a professional outfit (even when I’m traveling more casual), I had my computer and my Powerpoint presentation. I had 24 hours to create handouts, order forms, get it all printed and fine tune my presentation. I was in a ready state of mind! When the door of opportunity opened, I just walked right in. And it all started because I GOT OUT and went to a great meeting! >>>>>That day shifted my business, and my life, dramatically. That was the day I met the person who connected me to Richard Branson. (See #1 – 4)<<<<<


Bonus:  Show up and have fun! Life is short. Tomorrow is not promised. There are very few, if any, things that can’t be fixed if messed up. Relax and enjoy the ride!


Get Out! Get Noticed! Get Connected!

You never know who you might meet that will IMPACT your life in a BIG way!



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