Cathy Hankinson is a Make-over Specialist.

A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Cathy has nearly 20 years of expertise as an Image Consultant, over 25 years in Sales, 8 years in Financial Services, and many years in management, training, coaching.


With a passion for helping people, Cathy studied Psychology at Samford University, in Birmingham, AL, with a focus on counseling. From that education, she developed an interest in personality types, communication skills and personal effectiveness. The “counseling” evolved into training and coaching others in business and life. Cathy is dedicated to helping others discover their full potential. It is the skills learned throughout her professional, as well as personal, life that she is passionate about teaching others.


As an Image Consultant, Cathy is an expert in personal color analysis, style analysis, body typing, and more. Long considered to be a “make-over” expert, Cathy has helped many men and women define and project their very best image, from head-to-toe. Cathy is a graduate of the esteemed London Image Institute, and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International, AICI, the most prestigious trade association of the image industry worldwide.

Cathy has also been a licensed in Financial Services for several years. This expanded her “make-over” expertise into the areas of money and career. While she has worked with people in the area of their money and finances, much of her expertise has been utilized in developing, training and leading a large team of agents to help families and individuals with their financial futures.

In working with all kinds of people, in all kinds of capacities, over many years, Cathy began to ponder something. If someone changes the external, will it affect internal change; or does someone have to change on the inside first to affect significant change on the outside? Kind of the “which comes first - the chicken or the egg?“ idea. No one really knows, but since the two are inextricably linked, Cathy created a program designed to work with people on both at the same time: head-to-toe, inside and out!


After years of being a Make-over Specialist, Cathy created IMPACT Success Systems™, educating and empowering other’s to unleash their full potential. IMPACT™ represents the  inner “game” and outer “game” of success -Image, Money, Purpose, Attitude, Communication and Thoughts. When these are aligned and powerfully, confidently expressed, people can achieve anything they want!

IMPACT Success Systems™ – helping people shift from ordinary to EXTRAordinary, achieving the success they desire in life and business.




Favorite Quotes
"If you think you're too small to have an IMPACT, try going to bed with a mosquito" Anita Roddick