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What You Are Doing Right Now Could Be Costing You A LOT!


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You Never Have a Second Chance to Make a First Impression!



You see, you are a walking billboard.

human billboard

You are communicating messages everywhere you go.

Since 93% of communication is NON-VERBAL, what are you saying without speaking?

And if that 93% is NOT favorable, you never get the chance to

  • speak

  • meet that key contact

  • get the appointment

  • make that important connection

  • or…..well, you get the point!

Whether it’s for your business life or your personal life, those first 10 seconds you make contact with someone are CRITICAL. Wouldn’t you like those first 10 seconds to always be positive?


If they are not, what could those 10 seconds be costing you right now???


Learn The 11 Secrets Of Making A Great First Impression EVERY Time!




Does this sound familiar?



You know that person who walks in a room and everyone notices them? The one that people say, or think, “I wonder who that is”, followed by “I want to meet that person”. 

You know the one. There’s always at least one person like that in every group. The person that stands out, NOT because they are the loudest, or the flashiest, or the best looking, or any of those things.


They are magnetic…

They have presence…

People are drawn to them…

Do you wonder what that would be like?

Well, you can be that person!


Hear what people have to say after working on their 10 Second IMPACT™ with Cathy Hankinson:


“People are now treating me differently–more positively, I realize now that the way I used to show up at business and networking events caused me to lose thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.”

Diane Lee, California

“I noticed an immediate result. I was at a networking event and people were coming up to me to introduce themselves saying they just had to meet me. The quality of contacts that I have access to has increased substantially.”

Denise, Arizona

”If you want to create a priceless personal brand, the best in the business to help is Cathy Hankinson!”

Bill Walsh, Powerteam International


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 IMPACT Success Systems™ and 10 Second IMPACT™ gives individuals the resources and tools to improve their results. Our holistic approach brings the internal and the external together so that our clients can build their businesses, earn more money and achieve greater personal success.


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"If you think you're too small to have an IMPACT, try going to bed with a mosquito" Anita Roddick